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EDAC Inc. is a Canadian success story. Edac Inc. was established in 1966 and has become a world leader in interconnect solutions with one of the widest ranges of products available. Many of their legacy designs are still in use today, though over the years, they have expanded their line to include one of the widest ranges of interconnect solutions in the world. Edac’s product line includes card edge, rack & panel, RJ45 and telecom jacks, USB, Firewire, waterproof, PLCC sockets, D-sub, and pin headers. Industry breakdown: Telecommunications 50%, Computer 15%,
Audio 15%, Instrumentation and Consumer Electronics 15%, Military, Electrical and Other 5%. Edac is recognized as a quality supplier of connector products world wide, with comprehensive design engineering, state of the art manufacturing, progressive quality assurance and toll 7 model shop capabilities.

EDAC offers a customer connector solutions service where EDAC can design and manufacture a connector “Made to Spec” exactly to your design. Instead of searching for a connector that doesn’t exactly meet your needs, why not get EDAC to build the exact connector for your design? EDAC is flexible with low minimum order quantities.

Headquartered in Markham, Ontario, EDAC now has design and customer service centers worldwide, manufacturing facilities in China, and customer logistics centers in Canada, United States, UK, Taiwan and Hong Kong. Edac is committed to environmental issues by having 100% compliance to the RoHS directive and also meets ISO 9001 certifications.


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