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EECO Switch

EECO Switch, formerly known as the Electronic Engineering Company of California, has been a trailblazer in electronics manufacturing since 1947, establishing itself as a pioneer in various industries such as aviation, hospitality, and more. With a rich history of innovation, EECO specializes in binary-coded switches, offering a diverse range of thumbwheel switches, STRIPSWITCH®, and Micro-DIP® printed circuit-board-mounted coded switches. Boasting over 30 years of expertise, EECO is also a leading manufacturer of membrane switches, known for their reliability and performance.
In 1993, the EECO Switch Division was acquired by Transico, Inc., marking a new chapter in its journey. Today, EECO operates from its purpose-built facility in Brea, California, serving as both corporate headquarters and a manufacturing hub for membrane and custom mechanical switches. With additional manufacturing facilities in Mexico, Taiwan, and China, as well as a sales office in Cambridge, UK, EECO continues to lead the way in electronic switch technology worldwide.



ECCO 97-3100A-14S-2P(946)
ECCO 97-3100A-14S-5S(946)
ECCO 97-3100A-14S-7P(946)
ECCO 97-3100A-18-10S(946)
ECCO 97-3100A-18-19S(946)
ECCO 97-3100A-24-28S(946)
ECCO 97-3100A-28-21S(946)

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