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Elco Connectors


Elco Connectors, now part of Kyocera Corporation, specializes in manufacturing high-quality electronic connectors that play a crucial role in various industries. With over 50 years of product development and innovation, Elco offers a diverse range of connectors designed to meet the demanding requirements of modern electronic equipment.

As a trusted name in electronic connectors, Elco serves industries such as telecommunications, automotive, aerospace, consumer electronics, and industrial machinery. Their product portfolio includes board-to-board connectors, wire-to-board connectors, and other specialized connectors, ensuring reliable and secure connectivity in a wide range of applications.

Since its acquisition by Kyocera Corporation, Elco has benefited from Kyocera's global resources and expertise in electronic components. Kyocera's commitment to cutting-edge technology and quality manufacturing processes ensures that Elco connectors meet the highest standards of performance and reliability.

From smartphones to industrial machines, electronic components from Elco Connectors play a vital role in powering the devices that drive modern life. With a focus on innovation and quality, Elco continues to be a leading provider of electronic connectors for diverse industries worldwide.



AVX Interconnect / Elco 006200530400000
AVX Interconnect / Elco 00-7008-023-163-002
AVX Interconnect / Elco 007038017000001
AVX Interconnect / Elco 00-8016-0900-000-710
AVX Interconnect / Elco 008016120217608
AVX Interconnect / Elco 008261163211874
AVX Interconnect / Elco 008263121200000
AVX Interconnect / Elco 061001015000000

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