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Electronic Assembly

Electronic Assembly GmbH (Display Visions) is a German manufacturer of top quality industrial displays and LCD technology since 1977. In addition to manufacturing over 2,000 styles of LCD modules, Display Visions also makes interface modules for dot-matrix and graphic displays.

Products Include:

  • UNITFT – Multifunction TFT
  • EA EDIP Series Serial Graphic
  • EA DIP Series – Direct Mounting
  • EA DOG Series – Very Flexible
  • OLED
  • TFT & Standard Graphic
  • EA KIT Series – Control Panels
  • E-Paper
  • DVM / / Counter
  • Data Logger
  • Displays With RS-232

Product Development

Product development is overseen by a team of highly specialized engineers, ensuring high quality from beginning to end. This process includes everything from designing special inspection and test equipment, to PCB layouts and small plastic parts.

Commitment to Quality

They set themselves apart from other LCD manufacturers though an unmatched commitment to quality. From their in-house production to the development of their displays, Display Visions oversees the entire manufacturing process to arrive at a long-lasting, quality product; the long-term availability of their products easily reaches 15 years.

The company motto for Display Visions is “Making Things Easy”—a message which is reflected on their easy-to-use products. In fact, many Display Vision industrial displays are ready to use—immediately after unboxing.

Customization Options | IBS Electronics

If your application or project includes unusual or unique specs, customization and changes are possible through IBS Electronics. Our team can work on your behalf with Display Visions, in order to arrive at a custom solution that fits your project. With our offices in Asia, Europe, and the Americas, we can ship the products to you anywhere in the world.



Electronic Assembly EA 017-25KE
Electronic Assembly EA 0FP801-70SW
Electronic Assembly EA 8081-A3N
Electronic Assembly EA DIP128J-6N5LWTP
Electronic Assembly EA DIP162-DHNLED
Electronic Assembly EA DIP180B-5NLW
Electronic Assembly EA DIP203G-4NLED
Electronic Assembly EA DIP203J-4NLW

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