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Electronic Concepts, Inc. (ECI)

Founded in 1969, Electronic Concepts Inc. (EC) is a well-recognized name in the electronic component industry. With a manufacturing facility based in Galway, Ireland, EC manufactures film capacitors, from small chip size capacitors to large building blocks. Through their use of vertically integrated manufacturing, automated production, and engineering, EC film capacitors set the industry standard of quality.

EC uses modern techniques and enhanced manufacturing capabilities in order to offer such a wide range of quality film capacitors. From solvent cast dielectric production, to the machine machine direction stretching orientation of master rolls, the EC engineering team produces innovative components.

Types of film capacitors from EC include:

    • Energy Storage
    • AC Filter
    • High Temperature
    • DC Link
    • Resonant Circuit
    • Coupling/Decoupling
    • Snubber
    • Frequency Discriminating
    • Inverter

Shop IBS Electronics for Quality Assurance

IBS Electronics is a global distributor of EC capacitors. With offices in Asia, Europe, and the Americas, we can ship anywhere in the world and assure that all components are authentic. All capacitors are marked with the EC company initials, logo, or trademark. EC capacitors also have UL3, capacitance, tolerance, rated DC working voltage, and date code. In addition, all materials used in EC manufacturing—lead wires, metal cases, end seals, potting resins, film dielectric resins—are traceable to their sources.

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