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Electronic Concepts, Inc. (ECI)

Founded in 1969, Electronic Concepts has become a trusted name in the electronic component sector. With a manufacturing facility established in Galway, Ireland in 1982, Electronic Concepts extends its reach globally. A pioneer in new technologies, the company excels in adapting to industry demands.

Electronic Concepts boasts vertically integrated manufacturing, automated production, and extensive engineering knowledge. These resources enable the design of film capacitors that define industry benchmarks. With a commitment to quality and service, Electronic Concepts is equipped to meet any film capacitor requirement with unmatched flexibility.

From aerospace to telecommunications, Electronic Concepts serves diverse industries with its innovative solutions. Their film capacitors are integral components in various applications, ensuring optimal performance and reliability. With decades of experience and a dedication to excellence, Electronic Concepts continues to lead the way in electronic component manufacturing.



Electronic Concepts 09007-027F
Electronic Concepts 09007-037F
Electronic Concepts 09007-037K
Electronic Concepts 090-21030-100
Electronic Concepts 090-22028-200
Electronic Concepts 102-53630
Electronic Concepts 115E2161P1
Electronic Concepts 141A1B105K

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