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Elwood Autotron

Elwood Autotron specializes in high-pressure applications, offering robust stainless steel valves designed for use with HFA fluids, such as soluble oils and other water-based low viscosity fluids. Their valves ensure drop-tight seals, even in the harshest environments, making them ideal for long-term productivity.

Elwood's expertise is deeply rooted in serving steel mills, aluminum mills, and the petrochemical industry. Their stainless steel valves are essential for heavy lifting, descaling steel, and decoking petroleum drums. In addition to these core industries, Elwood has expanded to provide custom valve solutions for both water and oil applications, catering to low to medium quantity runs.

Located south of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Elwood benefits from its proximity to a hub of specialist metal machining and processing industries. This strategic positioning, combined with their commitment to local precision and global sourcing, enables Elwood to deliver high-quality stainless steel valves at competitive prices. Engineers at Elwood pride themselves on developing unique solutions tailored to meet their customers' specific needs, ensuring exceptional support and innovation in every project.

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