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Evercool has been a trusted name in keeping electronic systems cool for over two decades. With a relentless commitment to quality construction, Evercool fans ensure processors remain at optimal temperatures, preventing slowdowns or system failures due to overheating components.

Understanding the diverse needs of consumers, Evercool offers a range of solutions, including both AC and DC fans to accommodate varying energy requirements. Evercool prioritizes sustainability by manufacturing green fans free from artificial metals, thus reducing pollution. For those seeking both style and functionality, Evercool's selection of LED fans provides a vibrant glow to enhance any system.

Beyond fans, Evercool offers a comprehensive range of cooling solutions, from tablet and game system coolers to power adaptor cables and thermal grease for computer components. Since its inception in 1994, Evercool has embraced sustainable management practices, evolving from an original equipment manufacturer to developing its own brand.

Headquartered in Taipei, with a factory spanning 25,000 square meters in Dong Guang, Evercool employs nearly 500 individuals and boasts a maximum production capacity of 2 million DC Fans and 1 million Coolers. The company's success is underpinned by its five core beliefs: innovation, quality insistence, perfect facilities, competitive pricing, and accurate lead times, which ensure the delivery of top-notch products and services to clients, fostering lasting customer loyalty.

The name Evercool symbolizes its mission to perpetually prevent computer overheating, while its slogan, "The Aesthetics of Heat Dispersion," underscores the incorporation of aesthetics into cooling product design. This commitment to innovation and style, coupled with positive client feedback, propels Evercool to continue pushing the boundaries of design excellence in the cooling industry.

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