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FASTRON is a European manufacturer of surface mount and leaded inductors and coils. Founded in 1978 as a German company, FASTRON now operates manufacturing facilities in Eastern Europe and Southeast Asia; all FASTRON facilities are TS 16949 certified, ISO 14001 certified, high quality (AEC-Q200), and RoHs compliant.


The types of products manufactured by FASTRON Electronics include Chip Inductors, Transponder Coils, Molded Inductors, Leaded Inductors, Suppression Coils, Plugable Inductors, Wide Band Chokes, SMD Power Inductors, Strip Wound Cut Cores, and Toroidal Strip-Wound Cores.

Components from FASTRON

Chip Inductors for RF Applications

Chip Inductors for Power Applications

RFID Transponder Coils

Moulded Inductors

Leaded Inductors

Suppression Coils

Plugable Inductors (Pin Type Coils)

Wide Band Chokes and Beads

SMD Power Inductors

Strip Wound Cut Cores

Toroidal Strip-Wound Cores

Rod Core Chokes

Toroid Line Chokes

Standard Metal Enclosures

Versatile Applications


FASTRON Electronics uses their combined experience of the electronics manufacturing industry to produce high quality RF and power inductors, precision sheet metal housings, mechatronic assemblies, and customized MR coils. They serve a wide range of industries, requirements, and customer requests, making them a flexible choice for your needs. 


With over 1,000 employees, FASTRON operates design and manufacturing facilities in Germany, Malaysia, Hungary and the United States. In 2015, FASTRON acquired Rapid Biomedical GmBH in Germany, a market leader for designing and manufacturing MR coils.


Order with IBS Electronics


Does your application or project require unusual or unique specs? Customization and changes are possible through IBS Electronics. Our team can work on your behalf with Fastron, in order to arrive at a custom solution that fits your project. With our offices in Asia, Europe, and the Americas, we can ship the products to you anywhere in the world with the lowest prices on the market. Contact our friendly sales representatives today.



Fastron 0402AQC-012J-08
Fastron 0402AQC-017J-08
Fastron 0402AQC-021J-08
Fastron 0402AQC-026J-08
Fastron 0402AQC-039J-08
Fastron 0402AQC-7N5J-08
Fastron 0402AQC-9N5J-08
Fastron 0402AS-012J-08

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