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Feller, founded in Austria in 1863, has evolved from a textile mill to a global leader in power-cord manufacturing. Since 1948, Feller has specialized in using thermoplastics to produce high-quality power cords. Today, Feller operates four manufacturing locations and three sales offices worldwide, providing top-notch power cords to various industries.

Feller's expansion into the USA began in 1984 with a sales office in New Jersey, eventually growing into a manufacturing facility in North Carolina. This facility services the unique needs of customers across North, Central, and South America, offering tailored solutions through direct sales and local partners. Feller’s product range includes a diverse array of power cords designed for use in consumer electronics, industrial equipment, and household appliances.

With a commitment to innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction, Feller continues to set industry standards. Their strategic global presence ensures timely delivery and localized support, making Feller the go-to provider for reliable and efficient power-cord solutions. For businesses seeking dependable power-cord products, Feller stands out as a trusted and experienced partner.

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