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Fenghua Electronics

Founded in 2000, Guangdong Fenghua Semiconductor Technology is a semiconductor manufacturer based in China. They produce new chip components, electronic materials, integrated circuits, Integrated Optical-dynamo-electric special electronic equipments and other electronic information basic products.


    • Chip multi-layer ceramics capacitors
    • Chip resistors
    • Chip inductors
    • Micro-miniature aluminum electrolytic capacitors
    • Chip tantalum electrolytic capacitors
    • Chip diodes, chip triodes
    • Thick film hybrid integrated circuits
    • Sensitive components
    • Sensors
    • Lithium-Ion battery cores
    • Vacuum fluorescent displays

With a vast product offering, the Fenghua annual output reaches about 100 billion pieces. Such a high output of components ranks them first in China and eighth in the world. With the desire for constant innovation and meeting the needs of a changing market. Fenghua has invested in research and development. They currently operate a world-class semiconductor packaging facility to test automation equipment.

Order Through IBS Electronics

Any Fenghua product may be ordered through IBS Electronics at the lowest prices on the market. Due to our seamless global network in Asia, Europe, and the Americas, we can quickly ship to you anywhere in the world. Does your product require custom or unique specifications? We can work with Fenghua to arrive at an effective solution for you.



Fenghua Electronics 0402B102K500NT
Fenghua Electronics 0402B103K500NT
Fenghua Electronics 0402B152K500NT
Fenghua Electronics 0402CG101J500NT
Fenghua Electronics 0402CG220J500NT
Fenghua Electronics 0402CG330J500NT
Fenghua Electronics 0402X475K100NT
Fenghua Electronics 0603B102K500NT

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