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FERROXCUBE supplies one of the broadest ranges of high-quality, innovative ferrite cores. They place strong emphasis on miniaturization of magnetic functions. Ferrite components and accessories from FERROXCUBE are used in a wide range of applications in the digital electronics market, from telecommunications and computing to automotive.

Formerly a Philips Components company they now belong to the Yageo Corporation, one of the world’s strongest suppliers of passive components. Ferroxcube, widely recognized as a leading supplier of ferrite components, has manufacturing operations, sales offices, and customer service centers all over the world. Building on their Philips Magnetic Components heritage, Ferroxcube, offers customers the highest level of support in the development of their new innovative design. As a leading supplier in ferrite-ceramic technology, they offer a broad range of soft ferrite cores, accessories and EMI suppression products to support equipment manufacturers in their electromagnetic inference. They also offer extensive design-in support including application information and software to help designers optimize their new designs.

Ferroxcube offers outstanding technologies and products for equipment manufacturers. Ferroxcube’s various power materials cover an unparalleled broad temperature area to suit every application. Ferroxcube, widely recognized as a leading manufacturer of ferrite components.



Ferroxcube 1041CT060-3D3
Ferroxcube 1041CT060-3E2A
Ferroxcube 1041CT060-4C4
Ferroxcube 1107PA250-3B7
Ferroxcube 1107PLOO-3B7
Ferroxcube 1107PLOO-3F3

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