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Fremont Micro Devices

Fremont Micro Devices Corporation stands at the forefront of semiconductor innovation as a leading platform chip design enterprise based in MCU+. Adopting the Fabless business model, Fremont Micro Devices is among the few IC design companies in China with expertise in microcontroller chips, power management chips, and memory chips.

Founded in 2005 by a Silicon Valley chip design veteran, the company is headquartered in Shenzhen, with branches in Hong Kong and Xi'an. Fremont Micro Devices boasts a rich history of technological breakthroughs, including the independent development of EEPROM technology, leading to the mass production of EEPROM chips in 2005. Since then, the company has introduced PMIC chips, NOR Flash chips, and MCU chips into mass production, establishing a comprehensive matrix of chip products covering program control, power management, and information storage functions.

Fremont Micro Devices' cutting-edge products find applications in diverse industries such as smart home, home appliances, mobile office, smart wearables, digital peripherals, personal care, medical equipment, and more. Trusted by renowned brands like Xiaomi, LG, and Midea, the company has earned accolades such as the "2020 Annual Domestic MCU Best Market Performance Award."

With a global presence spanning the United States, Europe, and Asia, Fremont Micro Devices excels in non-volatile memory products and high-efficiency power management solutions. Their portfolio includes power supply circuits ranging from 0.9V to 500V, LED driver solutions, low drop regulators (LDO), and boost and buck converters, catering to lighting, consumer electronics, and industrial applications. Experience the future of semiconductor technology with Fremont Micro Devices, where innovation meets excellence in chip design and power management solutions.



Fremont Micro Devices FT24C02A-USR-T
Fremont Micro Devices FT24C04A-UDR-B
Fremont Micro Devices FT24C08A-ELR-T
Fremont Micro Devices FT24C08A-ESG-T
Fremont Micro Devices FT24C08A-ETR-T
Fremont Micro Devices FT24C08A-ULR-T
Fremont Micro Devices FT24C128A-USR-T
Fremont Micro Devices FT24C16A-USR-T

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