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G-APEX Heat Shrink Tubes - Mechanical Components

G-APEX was found as a professional manufacturer of Heat Shrinkable Tubes in China and Taiwan in 1988. G-APEX provides Polyolefin, PVDF, PVC, PTFE, Polyester Heat Shrink Tubing. These products are widely applied in fields such as Electronics, Electric Power, Communication, Engineering, Military, and so on. All the products are RoHS Compliant.

G-Apex’s tubing is used in a multitude of different applications for wire harnesses and cable assemblies. There are multiple applications in commercial electronics, automotive, military, industrial equipment, truck and marine, aerospace, communication and so on. The complete tubing range is an ideal choice for wire and cable management.

G-APEX Products: 

    • HTK150 – 150°C High Performance PVDF Tubing

G-APEX Application: 

    • Special purpose for high-temperature uses, abrasion and cut-trough resistance or superior chemical and solvent resistant
    • properties. Clear tube applies to protect wire and cable markers for providing full inspect ability of each item covered.

G-APEX Characteristics:

    • Excellent flame resistance
    • Flexible and high temperature performance
    • Thinner walls than most general purpose polyolefin tubes

G-APEX Specifications:

Operating temperature range: 

    • Operating temperature : -55°C~150°C
    • Minimum shrink temperature : 125°C
    • Minimum fully recovery temperature : 150°C

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