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General Instrument

General Instrument was an American electronics manufacturer based in Horsham, Pennsylvania specializing in semiconductors and cable television equipment. The company was active until 1997, when it split into General Semiconductor (acquired by Vishay Intertechnology in November 2001), CommScope and NextLevel Systems.

NextLevel Systems was acquired by Motorola in January 2000 for $17 billion and became the new Broadband Communication Sector (BCS). When Motorola split on January 4, 2011, this division became part of Motorola Mobility.



General Instrument 1.5KE100CA
General Instrument 1.5KE150
General Instrument 1.5KE180A
General Instrument 1.5KE200CA
General Instrument 11ODT4
General Instrument 11ODT4RS
General Instrument 1CMDT0
General Instrument 1N4933

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