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Harbour Industries

Harbour Industries LLC, a Marmon | Berkshire Hathaway company, is a leading manufacturer of high-performance wire and cable solutions located in Shelburne, Vermont. Since 1965, Harbour Industries has been producing high-temperature and high-performance cables for military, commercial, and industrial markets. Their extensive product range includes Data, RF, and Mil-spec wire and cable, all manufactured with a variety of conductors, insulating compounds, braid wire, and jacketing materials.

Renowned for engineering excellence and exceptional customer service, Harbour Industries is committed to meeting the rigorous demands of their clients. Their expertise ensures the success of both existing and new programs, making them a trusted partner in the industry.

Discover how Harbour Industries' innovative wire and cable solutions can enhance the performance and reliability of your applications across various sectors.



Harbour Industries 4E100-26(19)-FS/F
Harbour Industries AS22759/11-22-0/9
Harbour Industries C101628111
Harbour Industries EE22759/11-24-906
Harbour Industries EE22759/11-24-9067
Harbour Industries M16878/4-BEE-0
Harbour Industries M16878/4-BEE-1
Harbour Industries M16878/4-BEE-5

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