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Herotek, Inc.

Herotek, Inc., established in 1982, is a leading supplier of high-quality RF and microwave components, catering to the military, industrial, and commercial markets. With a broad technological base, Herotek offers a wide range of products designed from DC to 75 GHz, including standard and custom designs to meet specific customer requirements.

Herotek’s product lineup features detectors, comb generators, limiters, switches, and GaAsFet amplifiers, including broadband, low noise, and power amplifiers. Additionally, they provide integrated subsystems such as up and down converters, multipliers, harmonic mixers, and transceivers. This comprehensive product range allows Herotek to deliver solutions that enhance the performance and reliability of various high-frequency applications.

By focusing on innovation and precision, Herotek has built a reputation for excellence in the RF and microwave component industry, making it a trusted partner for customers seeking reliable and efficient components for advanced technological applications.

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