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Hollyland Fuses

Hollyland Fuses is one of the world’s leading manufacturers in circuit protection devices, such as surface mount fuses, micro fuses, resettable fuses, and surface mount PPTC fuses. Hollyland also offers an extensive line of fuse accessories, such as thermal links, thermostats, fuse holders, and fuse bases. With their own line of patented fuse products, Hollyland is one of the most recognized names in circuit protection solutions in China and Asia.


High Quality Fuses


In a technologically-dependent market, fuses play an integral role in any device requiring electrical energy or a power supply. Large power overloads have the potential to destroy equipment or start electrical fires. With the proper Hollyland circuit protection equipment and fuses, such events could be avoided while incorporating a high standard of safety. 


All of Hollyland’s products are lead-free and fully compliant with RoHS and REACH requirements.

The items are extensively certified by major international approvals such as UL, UR, CSA, VDE, TUV, BSI, SEMKO, CCC, IMQ, CQC, PSE, KC, and more. 


Order With IBS Electronics


Whether your design requires miniature fuses (glass-tube and ceramic-tube), miniature fuse accessories, microfuse, surface mounted chip fuse, thermal cutoff, power fuse (semiconductor fuse), or polymer positive temperature coefficient resettable fuse—IBS Electronics is your all-encompassing solution. 


Does your device or project include special requirements? IBS Electronics can work with Hollyland engineers. Together, we can provide a tailor-made design—specifically manufactured for your needs. By protecting your electrical devices with high quality fuses, you’re ensuring longevity and a strong return on your engineering and fiscal investment.

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