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Holtek Semiconductor

Holtek Semiconductor, founded in 1998, is a premier manufacturer specializing in microcontroller (MCU) IC design, development, and sales. Holtek’s product range includes 8-bit and 32-bit MCUs, as well as a variety of peripheral ICs, providing versatile solutions for diverse electronic markets. The company’s offerings encompass general-purpose and special-purpose MCUs, targeting applications in voice, communications, computer peripherals, home appliances, health measurement, automotive, industrial control, and security surveillance.

Holtek also delivers power management ICs, LCD/LED driver/control chips, ultra-high-resolution fingerprint sensors, and various sensor modules, ensuring comprehensive solutions for clients. Headquartered in Taiwan's Hsinchu Science Park, Holtek operates globally with branches in Hong Kong, India, and a subsidiary in China. With over 81% of its 845 employees dedicated to research and development, Holtek continuously innovates to stay ahead of market trends and provide competitive, high-quality IC solutions.

Holtek’s commitment to integrating semiconductor design, wafer manufacturing, and package testing resources positions it as a reliable partner, delivering complete solutions that enhance efficiency and support the growth of its customers' projects.


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