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Honeywell / Microswitch

Micro Switch is the top North American switch supplier. Incorporated in 1937, Micro Switch evolved, and Honeywell bought the company in 1950, primarily for integration into HVAC products. Honeywell now makes more than 120 million Micro Switches annually.

Micro Switch™, invented in 1932, is a world renowned technology that is still relevant today. Its strength, repeatability, reliability, high current capacity, and small size or weight make Micro Switch devices a desirable, cost effective solution for many of today’s modern machines and appliances. The Micro Switch product line includes sensors of all types: ICs, MEMS, optical detectors, Hall Effect, magnetic, industrial, motion, position, pressure, humidity, temperature, and many other sensors.

One of the first Micro Switch products, the V3, was developed during World War II and named to represent “victory.” V3 switches are still manufactured at the facility in Freeport on seven automated production lines.

Honeywell’s MICRO SWITCH switches fill many roles in customers’ applications, including presence/absence/positioning, inspection/recognition, condition measurement, and operator/machine interface. From sealed switches used in high temperature aerospace applications to large cable-pull switches ensuring safety on conveyors, Honeywell is the right switch!



Honeywell / Microswitch 26ET75-2-F
Honeywell / Microswitch 911AGA511TB
Honeywell / Microswitch PIC16C57-HS/P
Honeywell / Microswitch PTL2111
Honeywell / Microswitch PTL2121
Honeywell / Microswitch T68-52A
Honeywell / Microswitch WA-3S-A38

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