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HVC Capacitor

HVC Capacitor Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is an export operation brand and a Hong Kong-owned enterprise founded in 2012. The company is closely affiliated with a well-established ceramic capacitor manufacturer based in Taiwan, with more than two decades of experience in production. Situated in Dongguan, China, HVC's manufacturing facility is the epicenter of its operations. Presently, a substantial 95% of HVC Capacitor's product portfolio is exported to international markets, with a select range also available for domestic consumption within China. 

HVC Capacitor expertise revolves around the production of radial lead-type and screw terminal-type ceramic disc capacitors. Their ceramic disc capacitors have standard offerings that span an impressive voltage range from 2kV to 50kV, featuring the distinct advantage of the N4700 class ceramic dielectric. 

These disc-type capacitors find their primary utility in upscale medical equipment, including but not limited to X-ray machines, C-arms, digital radiography systems, dental X-ray equipment, security checkpoints, non-destructive testing apparatus, electrostatic precipitators, and negative ion generators. 

HVC’s screw terminal-type capacitors, predominantly rely on the deployment of N4700 ceramic dielectric, accommodating voltages that range from 10kV to 150k encased in black resin. 

Notably, the company's esteemed clientele includes industry giants such as GE Healthcare, Konica Minolta, Hitachi ABB, Nikon, Siemens, Johnson & Johnson, Baker Hughes, and several NASDAQ-listed firms operating in the medical sector. 

The hallmark of HVC Capacitor's offerings is the utilization of Chinese military-grade ceramic dielectric, which underpins the company's commitment to upholding stringent quality standards. 

Since 2017, the company has achieved remarkable success in supplanting Japanese competitor Murata and the American brand Vishay, both of which withdrew from the market due to exits or temporary shortages. 

HVC Capacitor has diligently established a global distribution network in advanced industrialized nations, including Germany, France, the UK, the USA, Japan, Korea, India, and Russia. This strategic presence ensures a far-reaching and robust international footprint for the company. 



HVC HVC-10KV-DL07-F10-101K
HVC HVC-15KV-DL18-F12.5-102K
HVC HVC-15KV-DL26-F12.5-222K
HVC HVC-30KV-DL21-F20-501K     Â
HVC HVC-6KV-DP09-F10-101K

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