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Founded on industrial-grade memory and storage expertise, Innodisk has expanded its influence across diverse vertical markets, pioneering AIoT (Artificial Intelligence of Things) solutions. Innodisk integrates cutting-edge software and hardware technologies to create robust solutions that propel industries into the era of intelligent connectivity.

Innodisk's product portfolio spans industrial SSDs (Solid State Drives), embedded peripherals, DRAM modules, and memory cards, catering to sectors such as industrial automation, aerospace, defense, transportation, and healthcare. These solutions optimize performance, reliability, and data security in mission-critical applications.

With a strategic focus on innovation and collaboration, Innodisk partners globally to develop advanced AIoT solutions that enhance operational efficiency and enable predictive maintenance and analytics. This commitment to technological advancement ensures Innodisk remains at the forefront of transformative industry trends.

Discover how Innodisk's comprehensive range of industrial-grade memory and storage solutions, coupled with cutting-edge AIoT innovations, can empower your business.



InnoDisk DC1M-02GD71AW1QB
InnoDisk DC1M-04GD71AW1QB
InnoDisk DEUA1-08GI61BW1SC
InnoDisk EGPL-G202-W1
InnoDisk EMP2-X402-W1
InnoDisk EMPL-G201-W1
InnoDisk M4U0-AGS1WCIK

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