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Inolux, headquartered in the heart of Silicon Valley, is a leading provider of innovative optoelectronic solutions that empower limitless design possibilities. Renowned for their extensive LED product lineup, Inolux specializes in a range of high-performance devices, including SMD LEDs, through-hole LEDs, display modules, infrared sensors, and ultraviolet components. With a focus on exceptional performance and reliability, Inolux pairs popular LED packages with custom-engineered components to meet unique and challenging design requirements across various industries.

Their comprehensive offerings deliver industry-leading quality for applications in automotive, consumer electronics, medical devices, industrial controls, and more, celebrating innovation by aligning each solution with clients' specific goals while providing unparalleled technical support.

Inolux’s commitment to superior performance, boundless creativity, and dependable service positions them as a trusted partner for businesses seeking high-quality optoelectronic products. By blending innovation with expertise, Inolux continues to drive the future of LED technology and empower designers worldwide to achieve their vision with remarkable precision and reliability.


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