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Isocom Components stands at the forefront of the optoelectronic industry, crafting high-performance infrared optoelectronic devices with a specialization in optocouplers and optoswitches. With a legacy spanning over 25 years, Isocom has consistently exceeded customer expectations, earning recognition as one of the most esteemed brands globally.

Benefiting from expert knowledge and flexible manufacturing processes, Isocom boasts the shortest production lead times in the world for many parts. Their commitment to product quality and unparalleled customer service has garnered the loyalty of numerous long-standing customers.

As a go-to alternative for popular commercial optocoupler industry standard types, including those no longer supplied by other manufacturers, Isocom offers special parametric selections tailored to meet specific circuit design requirements.

All Isocom parts adhere to recognized industry standards, available in various lead forms and Tape and Reel packaging to suit diverse needs.

With a focus on special selections, just-in-time delivery, superior service, short lead times, unbeatable quality, and comprehensive technical support, Isocom Components stands as a trusted partner in the optoelectronic realm.


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