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Kyocera Corporation is a multinational electronics and ceramics manufacturer headquartered in Kyoto, Japan. Kyocera, a recognized leader in the global passive electronic component and interconnect products industry, is at the forefront of technology, design, manufacturing and supply.

Kyocera enjoys significant competitive advantages including the benefit of global manufacturing and distribution provided by 20 manufacturing facilities in 12 countries. This assures customers of the most efficient balance of demand and production capability in response to their just-in-time inventory requirements. With major research and development centres in five locations around the world (United States, Northern Ireland, England, France and Israel), Kyocera has fostered customer relationships involving the design and technology for new and advanced products to fulfil their special end product requirements.



KYOCERA AVX 00 6200 530430000
KYOCERA AVX 00 6200 530430000+
KYOCERA AVX 00 9090 040116805+
KYOCERA AVX 006200057052800
KYOCERA AVX 006200057052800+
KYOCERA AVX 006200097012800+
KYOCERA AVX 006200127022800
KYOCERA AVX 006200267022800+

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