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LaCie, a premier brand under Seagate Technology, pioneers cutting-edge storage solutions tailored for photographers, videographers, audio professionals, and power users. Renowned for superior design, unmatched technical performance, and steadfast reliability, LaCie products cater to industries where data integrity is paramount.

Since 1992, LaCie has collaborated with visionary designers like Ziba Design, Porsche Design GmbH, Karim Rashid, Ora-Ïto, Philippe Starck, and Neil Poulton. This collaboration ensures products not only store but enhance creativity, blending aesthetics with robust functionality. 

LaCie's extensive lineup includes professional desktop solutions featuring durable aluminum enclosures, high-quality hard drives or SSDs, and innovative components. From the award-winning Rugged™ drives to the scalable 2big, 5big, and 8big Rack storage solutions, each product exemplifies excellence in design and engineering.

With a commitment to innovation and customer trust, LaCie remains at the forefront, integrating technologies from Firewire to Thunderbolt™. Whether safeguarding irreplaceable memories or powering creative workflows, LaCie empowers users to achieve their creative visions with confidence and peace of mind.

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