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Dongguan LJV Technology Co.,Ltd.

Located in Dongguan, within the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, LJV stands as a leading force in innovative technology since its establishment in 2009. Spanning a vast 42,000 square meters in Xiegang Town and boasting a workforce of over 900 employees, LJV has earned recognition as a highly competitive High and New-Technology Enterprise (HNTE).

Specializing in encoder smart modules, automotive telematic connectors, and a diverse array of precision components such as encoders, potentiometers, tact switches, and more, LJV serves a broad spectrum of industries including automotive, communication, and home appliances.

In the automotive sector, LJV's products facilitate crucial functionalities like 360-degree camera systems, blind-spot monitoring, and driver assistance features. Similarly, their communication products find applications in vehicle instrumentation, multimedia speakers, and cutting-edge 5G communication equipment.

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