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Lumileds Lighting Company is the world’s leading manufacturer of high-power LEDs and a pioneer in the use of solid-state lighting solutions for everyday purposes including automotive lighting, computer displays, LCD televisions, signage and signaling and general lighting.

Philips Lumileds focuses on one goal: Creating the world’s highest performing LEDs for lighting, flash, display and automotive applications. In partnership with its customers, Philips Lumileds matches application optimized LEDs and uncompromising service with the end product design. Philips Lumileds understands that solid-state lighting is not just about energy efficiency. It’s about elegant design. Reinventing form. Pioneering markets and simplifying the supply chain. It’s about a shared vision.

Philips Lumileds brings LED’s qualities of energy efficiency, digital control and long life to spotlights, downlights, high bay and low bay lighting, indoor area lighting, architectural and specialty lighting as well as retrofit lamps. Our products are engineered for optimal light quality and unprecedented efficacy at the lowest overall cost. By offering LEDs in chip and packaged form, plus infinitely configurable rigid and flex substrates, we deliver supply chain flexibility to the inventors of next generation illumination.



Lumileds A1FX-5850ADH002900
Lumileds HPWT-BD00-F4000
Lumileds HPWT-MD02-F4000
Lumileds HPWTMH02D4000
Lumileds HPWT-ML00-00000.
Lumileds L128-2780EA3500001
Lumileds L128-2780HA35000B1

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