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Luminus Devices

Founded nearly two decades ago, Luminus is dedicated to innovating LED technology across diverse industries. Specializing in energy-efficient solutions with enhanced light output and longevity, Luminus has revolutionized applications in architectural lighting, urban environments, displays, projection systems, horticulture, and general illumination.

In recent years, Luminus has expanded its focus to collaborate closely with lighting designers to replace traditional technologies like CDM and halogen lamps without compromising on color quality, center beam intensity, sparkle, or dimming capabilities. This commitment extends to optimizing LED solutions for agricultural use, supporting farmers and growers to achieve optimal crop yields and growth conditions.

Beyond lighting, Luminus caters to specialized industries such as industrial automation, medical diagnostics, and entertainment, offering tailored LED solutions that meet stringent form factor and light specification requirements. Collaborating with automotive innovators, Luminus illuminates cutting-edge applications from heads-up displays to projection systems, driving advancements in vehicle and consumer technologies.

At its core, Luminus is not just an LED company but a dedicated problem-solver, enhancing lighting solutions for diverse environments and applications globally.



Luminus Devices CBM-120-UV-X31-I365-22
Luminus Devices CBM-90-IRD-X33-J770-20
Luminus Devices CBT-120-G-C11-JM201
Luminus Devices CBT-120-R-C11-HH100
Luminus Devices CBT-120-UV-C14-Q400-
Luminus Devices CBT-140-WDH-L16-RA220
Luminus Devices CBT-90-B-C11-KK300
Luminus Devices CBT-90-B-L11-J101

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