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Maida Development

Founded in 1947 and based in Virginia, Maida Development Company manufacturers high quality electronic components for a wide range of industries. Maida’s product offering includes: varistors, thermally protected varistors (TMOVs), capacitors, thermistors, surge protective devices (SPD), electromagnetic interference (EMI) filters, and more. With a manufacturing warehouse located in China, IBS Electronics can ship Maida components anywhere in the world.

Wide Range of Applications

Maida components can be applied to a wide range of uses and industries. Their zinc oxide varistors are used in devices that require protection against high voltage transients induced on power lines by either lightning strikes, or suppression of transients caused by switching inductive loads from industrial equipment, transformers, relays and coils. Applications vary by industry, but common types include ground fault interrupters, telecommunication equipment, high voltage power supplies, motor control and cable TV systems, AC smoke detectors, computer-related products, and more.

Their standard selection of radial-leaded varistors is among Maida’s largest and most comprehensive. These varistors consist of wire leads with nominal disk diameters, from 3mm to 25mm. This series is designed for most low and medium power applications requiring thru-hole components. Maida’s thermally protected high energy (TMOV) series is intended for safe disconnection of the varistor from a circuit with abnormal operating conditions. The TMOVs can withstand rigors of UL1449 4th Edition Type 1 and Type 2 applications while meeting the requirements for typical high energy varistor applications.

Quality and Customization Options

With a long history of proven quality and performance, Maida products have been used for trips to the moon during the Apollo Space Program. This is partially due to continuous research and development for not only manufacturing processes, but customer applications as well.

Not sure if the standard Maida components are right for your application? Custom design and fabrication of ceramic components for specific customer requirements are also available through IBS Electronics. Our knowledgeable staff can work with your specifications for a custom solution that’s right for your project. Contact our team today.

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Maida Development 20FE431K
Maida Development 20FM101K
Maida Development D5811ZOV500RA01T17
Maida Development D6121ZOV181RA04
Maida Development D61ZOV321RA45
Maida Development D6321ZOV131RA70
Maida Development D6521ZOV151RA20
Maida Development D6544ZOV361RA160

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