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Mallory Sonalert

Mallory is a recognized leader in passive electronic components stemming from its beginning in 1917.
Mallory’s product line includes CGS brand, large can, computer grade aluminum electrolytic capacitors, Miniature axial and radial leaded aluminum electrolytic capacitors, Motor run capacitors and motor start capacitors, Solid tantalum leaded capacitors,Ceramic disk and MLCC Capacitors, Extensive capacitor mounting hardware Audio and wirewound controls.

Mallory is now Cornell Dubilier



Mallory Sonalert 150105J250JE
Mallory Sonalert 160104J1000N
Mallory Sonalert 160474J250L
Mallory Sonalert 160474K100F
Mallory Sonalert 160474K100F-F
Mallory Sonalert 167/105/J/63
Mallory Sonalert 168103J100A
Mallory Sonalert 168153J100A

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