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Man Yue Technology

With over four decades of expertise since its inception in 1979, Man Yue Technology has been a stalwart in delivering high-quality electronic components to diverse industries. Boasting a robust portfolio, the group's flagship offerings include Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors (SAMXON®), Polymer Aluminum Capacitors (X-CON®), and Super Capacitors, all garnering commendable success.

Anticipating the dynamic landscape of the information electronics sector, Man Yue Technology strategically diversifies its product range, aiming to emerge as a global leader in comprehensive electronic components. Quality, Research & Development (R&D), and innovation form the cornerstone of the group's growth trajectory. 

Man Yue Technology consistently invests in enhancing production infrastructure and refining processes to ensure the delivery of dependable products that exceed client expectations. Committed to environmental sustainability, Man Yue Technology's products adhere to stringent standards such as RoHS, Halogen Free, and REACH compliance. 

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