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Matrix Orbital

Matrix Orbital manufactures innovative LCD solutions for the advanced technology, defense, and aerospace industries, as well as industrial markets requiring ultimate digital information displays. Using proprietary technology, Matrix Orbital custom manufactures LCD solutions that offer a variety of sizes, shapes, colors, functions, and innovations to meet industry demands.

Founded in 1995 and headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, Matrix Orbital, a world-renowned communication interface display solution manufacturer, provides premium feature added displays to industry. Designer of a revolutionary intelligent interface, Matrix Orbital products can be found in a wide range of applications and industries including telecommunications, medical, networking, automotive, advanced tech, defense and aerospace. From concept, to design, implementation and support, Matrix Orbital’s staff is distinguished by their functional and technical expertise combined with their hands-on experience; thereby ensuring that Matrix Orbital’s customers receive the most effective and professional service.

Recognizing the need for an advanced and easy-to-use display, Matrix Orbital designed a revolutionary interface for LCD’s, VFD’s, OLED’s, TFT’s, touchscreens and customs. With customers in mind, the intelligent interface was designed for fast development, integration and speed to market solutions. The dependable, flexible and easy-to-program RS232/TTL, RS422, I²C and USB displays are highly suitable for applications ranging from short-run prototyping to large-volume production runs.

To remain competitive in the marketplace, Matrix Orbital continues to add to its selection of high-quality displays. Matrix Orbital is growing product line, along with the recent addition of Matrix Orbital’s free software design suite, ensures a smooth transition from concept to integration. With flexible manufacturing, Matrix Orbital’s in-house design, development, and support staff work directly with customers on hardware and software customization.



Matrix Orbital BLK202A-GW-4BR
Matrix Orbital BLK204A-GW-4BR
Matrix Orbital EVE2-29A-BLM-TPN
Matrix Orbital EVE2-43A-BLM-TPN
Matrix Orbital EVE2-50G-BLM-TPC
Matrix Orbital EVE3-43A-BLM-TPN-F32
Matrix Orbital EVE3-43G-BLM-TPC-F32
Matrix Orbital EVE3-50A-BLM-TPN-F32

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