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Micro Crystal

Micro Crystal is a designer and manufacturer of ultra small low frequency surface mount crystals and oscillators. The high-precision photolithographic process enables Micro Crystal to produce sub-miniature tuning fork and high frequency AT-cut crystals covering a wide range from 10kHz to 250MHz. Micro Crystal makes oscillators for applications with extreme environmental requirements and oven controlled oscillators as well as real time clocks modules with integrated crystals.

Founded in 1978 in Grenchen , Switzerland as a producer of watch crystals, Micro Crystal has become the leading supplier of miniature quartz crystals for virtually every kind of electronic appliances. Today, Micro Crystal employs about 1000 persons worldwide, with large volume production in China, Thailand and Switzerland. Micro Crystal, ISO 9001 certified since 1998, has the reputation as an extremely flexible and reliable source for quality frequency-control products. These products are used in a variety of markets including telecommunications, medical electronics, consumer, automotive, computer and watch industries.



Micro Crystal 200446-MG01
Micro Crystal 202677-MG01
Micro Crystal 203035-MG01
Micro Crystal 203588-AA00
Micro Crystal 203591-MG01
Micro Crystal 203853-MG01
Micro Crystal CC1A-T1A 8.000MHZ 20.0PF +/-50PPM TC QI
Micro Crystal CC1V-T1A-1.8432MHZ-10PF-500PPM-TC-QC

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