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Micrometals, Inc. was established in 1951, and is committed to supplying high quality iron powder cores to meet the needs of the electronics industry.


As the technology has changed, new shapes, sizes and materials have been introduced to become industry standards. Iron powder has been used as a core material in RF circuits for many years. It is typically used to produce high "Q" inductors from 50 KHz and broadband transformers above 50 MHz. It is a preferred core material due to its stability, high "Q" frequency response, and power handling capabilities.


Micrometals offers iron powder cores produced to narrow permeability tolerances, which results in cores with close uniformity within lots and relative uniformity form lot to lot.


ANAHEIM, Calif. – January 6, 2010 – Micrometals Incorporated announced today the purchase of the powder core business unit from Arnold Magnetic Technologies. The acquisition includes the manufacturing facility in Shenzhen, China along with the Hong Kong sales office. This addition will expand the Micrometals product offering of well- known Iron Powder and 200C Series cores to include Arnold’s extensive range of MPP (molypermalloy powder), Sendust (MS), HI-FLUX® (50/50 nickel iron), Iron Silicon (FS) and other alloy based powder cores.

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