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Micron Technology is one of the world’s most efficient and innovative semiconductor companies. Micron offers a full line of DRAM components and modules, NAND Flash memory, and other semiconductor solutions for a broad range of applications, including computing, networking, server, consumer, mobile, and automotive devices.

Micron Technology, (which includes the recently aquired Numonyx & Elpida), is headquartered in the US, and has a comprehensive line of high quality memory products. They offer excellent technical support and a strong commitment to their customers.

For more than 30 years, Micron’s teams of dreamers, visionaries, and scientists have redefined innovation—designing and building some of the world’s most advanced memory and semiconductor technologies. They develop the technologies that transform what’s possible. In fact, you likely use Micron memory every day—in products from computing, networking, and server applications, to mobile, embedded, consumer, automotive, and industrial designs. As one of the most prolific patent holders in the world they continually rethink, recast, and advance new ideas to bring innovation to broader markets and find ways their technology can inspire new applications or make fundamental improvements to existing designs. Micron’s core memory business and diversified products and technologies help drive innovation and growth in new markets. 

We offer a wide range of memory components. We have full range of NAND-FLASH and DRAM configurations available. Send us inquiry for more details.



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