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Micro Plastics, Inc. has a distinguished history of manufacturing excellence spanning 65 years, specializing in high-quality plastic components. Since its acquisition by Essentra in 2017, Micro Plastics has integrated the strengths of both companies to become an exceptional partner for businesses worldwide.

Their commitment to excellence is reflected in their four pillars: expertise, flexibility, service, and range. With 65 years of experience and 11,000 molding tools, Micro Plastics exemplifies expertise in manufacturing. Their flexibility is demonstrated by 12 global manufacturing sites, enabling scalable production whether a client needs 50 or 500,000 units.

Micro Plastics offers a wide range of 30,000 quality standard products across 17 product ranges. This comprehensive approach ensures that Micro Plastics remains a leader in the plastic components industry, offering reliable and innovative solutions to meet diverse customer needs.



Micro Plastics 020832A025
Micro Plastics 0400632HN
Micro Plastics 12SWS0198
Micro Plastics 13SP042
Micro Plastics 13SP234
Micro Plastics 16FWRT004062
Micro Plastics 23TA00475
Micro Plastics 23TA00475

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