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Mill Max

Established in 1971 by Roger L. Bahnik, Mill-Max started as a supplier of gears and hobs for timing devices in defense electronics, watches, and parking meters. As the electronics industry expanded in the 1980s, Mill-Max evolved into a key supplier of machined pins and receptacles for companies manufacturing cables, IC sockets, and pin headers.

To further enhance its offerings, Mill-Max added in-house injection molding capabilities and developed its own line of machined pin interconnects. The company later expanded its product line to include spring-loaded (Pogo Pin) contacts, renowned for their long cycle life and low contact resistance.

Today, Mill-Max manufactures a wide variety of interconnect components, including precision-machined contact pins and receptacles, spring-loaded contacts and connectors, PCB pins and solder terminals, IC sockets, and board-to-board interconnects, all available in both surface-mount technology (SMT) and through-hole configurations. Mill-Max continues to innovate and provide high-quality interconnect solutions to meet the evolving needs of the electronics industry.



Mill-Max 0038-3-17-01-30-14-02-0
Mill-Max 0039-2-05-00-00-00-01-0
Mill-Max 0039-2-17-01-30-14-02-0
Mill-Max 0066-3-17-01-30-14-02-0
Mill-Max 0067-2-17-01-30-14-02-0
Mill-Max 0086-4-17-01-30-14-02-0
Mill-Max 0088-3-17-01-30-14-02-0
Mill-Max 0089-2-17-01-30-14-02-0

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