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Molex is the world’s second-largest manufacturer of electronic, electrical and fiber optic interconnection products and systems. Molex is one the fastest growing companies in our industry.

Molex has in product development centers, manufacturing facilities and sales offices on six continents, the more than 16,241 people of Molex are 100 percent customer driven. 

Molex creates innovative product solutions for wire-to-wire, wire-to-board, and board-to-board connectors, including header, backplane, terminal, telecom, ethernet, and cable. Molex also makes a variety of switches and application tooling. 

Molex serves customers in a variety of industries, including the telecom, datacom, computer / peripheral, automotive, premise wiring, industrial, consumer, medical and military markets. And because we have the highest levels of R&D investment in our industry, Molex is known for providing a continuous flow of innovation in areas such as high-speed signal integrity, miniaturization, higher power delivery, optical signal transmission and sealed harsh-environment connectivity.

Product Listing
Audio / Video Cables Audio / Video Connectors Automotive Connectors Backplane Connectors Batteries and Accessories Board Mount Modules Board to Board Connectors Bulk Multiple Conductor Cables Cable Ties Cables and Wire Capacitors Card Edge Connectors Chemicals Circuit Breakers Circular Connectors Coaxial / RF Cable Assemblies Connectors Counters D-Sub Cables D-Sub Connectors DIN 41612 Connectors Electronic Parts Embedded Processors and Controllers Enclosures Ethernet Cables Ethernet Interface ICs FFC / FPC FFC / FPC Cables Fiber Optic Cables Fiber Optic Connectors Fiber Optics Flash Flashlights Flat Ribbon Cables Fuse Holders Fuses Hammers Hand Tools Hard Metric Connectors Headers and Wire Housings Heat Shrink Tubing Heat Sinks IC and Component Sockets Inductors Integrated Circuits (ICs) Lamps LEDs Linear ICs Magnetic Sensors Memory Connectors Modular / Ethernet Connectors Motor Drives Non-Heat Shrink Tubing and Sleeves Off-Board Modules Optoelectronics Panel Meters Photoelectric Sensors Photovoltaic / Solar Connectors Pliers and Tweezers Pneumatics Power Connectors Power Products Pressure Sensors Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) Proximity Sensors Pushbutton Switches RAM Relays Resistors RF / Coaxial Connectors RF Antennas RF Semiconductors and Devices Screw and Nut Drivers Screws and Fasteners SCRs Sensors Switch Accessories Switches Tantalum Capacitors Taps Terminal Blocks Terminals Thermistors Tools and Supplies Transformers USB Cables USB Connectors Washers Wire Crimpers and Strippers Wire Ducting Wire Protection and Management Wrenches