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Mulit Contact

Multi-contact, a division of Stäubli Group, exemplifies excellence in the realm of connectors and electrical contacts, boasting a storied history of innovation and precision engineering. Since its inception, Multi-contact has specialized in developing high-performance solutions for electrical and electronic applications across various industries. Their product portfolio includes connectors, cables, and advanced contact systems designed to meet the stringent demands of industrial automation, renewable energy, automotive, and aerospace sectors.

Renowned for reliability and durability, Multi-contact products are engineered to optimize efficiency and ensure seamless connectivity in critical environments. With a steadfast commitment to quality and technological advancement, Multi-contact continues to push boundaries in connector technology, offering solutions that enhance productivity and operational reliability for their global clientele.

In summary, Multi-contact stands as a cornerstone within the Stäubli Group, delivering unparalleled expertise and cutting-edge solutions that drive innovation and efficiency across diverse industrial sectors, making them a trusted partner for companies seeking robust electrical connectivity solutions.



Multi-Contact 01.0007
Multi-Contact 08.0502
Multi-Contact 12.0943-20
Multi-Contact 12.0943-21
Multi-Contact 12.0943-22
Multi-Contact 12.0943-23
Multi-Contact 12.0943-24
Multi-Contact 12.0943-25

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