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Multicomp is a great value range offering the quality you would expect from a leading manufacturer and includes Passive Components, Connectors, Discretes, Optoelectronics, Crystals & Oscillators, Transformers, Power Supplies, Circuit Protection, Static Protection, Fans & Blowers, Enclosures, Sensors & Transducers, Cable Assemblies, Solder Wire, Knobs & Handles.

The Multicomp product range consists of over 25,000 stocked products available for next day delivery. Sometimes Multicomp parts at cheaper price may be identical to a more
expensive branded one listed somewhere else. Key product ranges include Passives, Connectors, Switches and Fans.

Multicomp is a value brand, and is a globally recognized provider of board level and box build components. Multicomp offers connectors, capacitors, resistors, potentiometers, semiconductors, lamps, LEDs, switches, and related accessories. Multicomp a value brand offering high quality products at very competitive prices. International quality certifications and safety approvals are key components of their selection process. Multicomp products are required to meet our pre-defined specific and high quality product specifications. The products supplied include connectors, capacitors, resistors, potentiometers, semiconductors, lamps, LEDs, switches, fuses, transformers, fans, fan accessories and fan kits are available in stock for immediate support of your design and production requirements.

As an ISO 9001:2008 certified distributor of electronic components, you can trust IBS Electronics to offer you the best prices on Multicomp and the highest level of quality assurance in the industry.



Multicomp 03EN15T044 (15/5)
Multicomp 03EN15T044(20/10)
Multicomp 05EN1034(100/M)

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