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When a situation calls for heavy-duty control switches, NAMCO switches are the answer. NAMCO was founded in 1937 when the heavy industrial control sensor industry was still in its infancy. Since that time Namco Controls has been a leader in the industrial control manufacturing industry. This leadership began with the SNAP-LOCK® limit switch, the Namco name has been synonymous with rugged reliability under even the most challenging conditions. Today, they are still the Number One source for limit switches for use in Nuclear Power Plants qualified to NRC requirements, with installations around the world.

Since 1937, Namco Controls has manufactured a wide range of high quality limit switches, solenoids, and sensors. As the only source for limit switches for use in Nuclear Power Plants qualified to NRC requirements, Namco Controls also offers the industry’s first Lifetime Replacement Program. The product line includes:

Namco Snap-Lock® Limit Switches

Namco Controls’ Heavy Duty Namco Limit Switch line is reliable enough for around-the-clock use in environments with excessive vibration, dirt and heat.

The Explosion-Proof Namco Limit Switch line is capable for use in dust-laden environments. These explosion-proof limit switches are available in bronze, cast iron, or aluminum and are NEMA-rated for hazardous locations.

The Nuclear/Marine Namco Limit Switch line is designed for use in Nuclear Power Plants and the exceedingly harsh environments of the nuclear utility and marine nuclear industry. Namco Controls is the only limit switch manufacturer capable and willing to provide product with the quality assurance certification necessary to be nuclear qualified to NRC requirements in the United States.

The Compact Namco Limit Switch line are Snap-Lock® limit switches with a compact 30mm x 60mm mounting footprint. With a “light touch” trip force of only 40″ oz. and a variety of actuator styles, these limit switches are ideal for small part presence sensing.

Namco Solenoids

Namco Controls’ solenoids are industry proven, rated for continuous service, and available in several configurations including the EB200 Series, EB450 Series, EB600 Series, and EB710 Series.

Namco Proximity and Cylinder Position Sensors

Namco Controls offers a wide range of proximity and cylinder position sensors. The DuraProx™ Extended Range Proximity Sensor line is designed to survive the toughest automotive welding environments. With extended sensing ranges, these proximity sensors have a proprietary high-temperature abrasion-resistant coating on the sensing face and nine-way sensing position flexibility.

Namco Controls’ 3,000/5,000 psi Cylindicator® Cylinder Position Sensor line has 330° mounted rotatability, patented time-tested circuitry, high strength steel base, and an extremely rugged stainless steel probe.

The C2™ WFI Cylindicator® Cylinder Position Sensor line from Namco Controls is the lowest profile cylinder sensor on the market. With a single piece rugged die-cast housing, these sensors have 67% fewer parts than conventional “swivel-type” sensors. The small size eliminates the need to rotate the sensor for cordset routing and dual sensors fit on even the shortest stroke cylinders.

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