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NeoMagic Corporation, established as a leader in the handheld systems market, specializes in developing, manufacturing, and selling application processors. With a focus on delivering sophisticated multimedia functionality, NeoMagic's solutions are marketed under the MiMagic name. These processors are designed to provide low-power, high-performance system-on-chip (SoC) solutions, catering to the evolving demands of handheld devices.

Since its inception, NeoMagic has been at the forefront of innovation, enabling advanced multimedia features in portable electronics. Their MiMagic processors integrate a range of functionalities, including video, audio, and graphics processing, within a compact and efficient design. This makes NeoMagic's products ideal for a variety of applications, from smartphones and tablets to other handheld gadgets.

NeoMagic's commitment to low-power consumption without compromising performance has made it a preferred choice among manufacturers aiming to enhance the user experience of their products. Through continuous innovation and a deep understanding of market needs, NeoMagic Corporation continues to drive advancements in handheld multimedia technology, ensuring that their processors deliver the perfect blend of power efficiency and high performance.

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