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NetBurner, headquartered in San Diego, USA, specializes in complete embedded IoT devices that empower businesses to accelerate innovation. With a commitment to quality, all NetBurner products are manufactured using genuine components, ensuring RoHS compliance and reliability across industrial temperature ranges.

NetBurner's extensive product lineup includes cutting-edge ARM-powered embedded IoT development kits, designed to streamline the development process and facilitate rapid deployment of IoT solutions. These development kits offer comprehensive features and robust performance, enabling developers to create IoT applications with ease.

In addition to IoT development kits, NetBurner offers a range of battle-hardened industrial products, including industrial Serial to Ethernet converting devices, Network Time Servers utilizing NTP and GPS, and Serial-Enabled Web Servers. These industrial temperature-rated products are engineered to meet the demands of critical applications, ensuring reliability and performance in challenging environments.

NetBurner serves a diverse range of industries, including industrial automation, smart cities, healthcare, retail, and transportation. Discover the potential of NetBurner's embedded IoT devices today and stay ahead of the curve in the rapidly evolving IoT landscape.



NetBurner MOD5234-100IR
NetBurner MOD5270-100IR
NetBurner MOD5272-100IR
NetBurner MOD5282-100IR
NetBurner MOD54415-100IR
NetBurner MOD54415-200IR
NetBurner MOD54417-200IR
NetBurner MODM7AE70-100IR

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