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Nichicon offers the widest selection of aluminum electrolytic capacitors in the industry and provides the broadest array of conductive polymer capacitors worldwide. For over 60 years, the company has striven to be a “valuable supplier for customers” by balancing advanced technology, strict quality control measures, and superior customer service while continuously researching and implementing innovative technologies that directly benefit customers. In the competitive marketplace of electronics, Nichicon’s “zero-defect” philosophy ensures components can endure diverse applications. Nichicon takes pride in the variety of capacitors offered including surface mount, snap-in, through-hole, and screw terminal. Additionally, the company upholds the strictest environmental standards including manufacturing only RoHS and REACH compliant components.

You will find a wide range of Aluminum Electrolytic types: Chip, Miniature, and Large Can capacitors; and Conductive Polymer, Tantalum and Plastic Film, Electric Double Layer Capacitors; as well as, Positive Thermistors, Function Modules. Products are available in bulk and on tape.

IBS Electronics is a passive electronic components distributor specializing in Low Impedance capacitors and Low ESR capacitors for use in assembling, designing, and manufacturing, products for commercial, research, and industrial applications. IBS Electronics serves the passive electronic capacitors product and component needs of the following industries and markets:

  • Telecommunications
  • Industrial & home security
  • Wireless communication
  • Personal computers
  • Laptops
  • Two-way radio devices
  • Medical devices
  • Audio Amplifiers and Equipment
  • Home electronic devices
  • Personal entertainment equipment
  • Appliances


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