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Founded in 1950, NMC is a leading international, growth-oriented company specializing in synthetic foams that provide comfort and protection for a better life. With a global presence, NMC has over 1,600 associates across 25 locations dedicated to developing, manufacturing, and marketing high-quality synthetic foam products.

NMC offers a diverse range of innovative and reliable foam solutions tailored to meet the highest demands. Their product portfolio includes applications for in and around the house, industrial and packaging solutions, and sports and leisure products. By combining customized designs with professional service, NMC ensures optimal foam solutions that cater to various customer needs.

Committed to continuous improvement and excellence, NMC's team strives to deliver products that enhance comfort and protection, contributing to a better quality of life. With a robust service package supporting their offerings, NMC remains a trusted partner for customers worldwide, driving innovation and setting industry standards in synthetic foam production.

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