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Noritake Itron

Founded in 1994, Noritake Itron Corporation is a mid-sized organization in the electron tube manufacturers industry located in Ise, Japan. Noritake Itron has developed from being the first supplier of calculator VFD displays to the leading manufacturer of CIG driver VFD displays. Noritake Itron is a member of the Noritake group which specializes in ceramic based products within abrasives, chinaware, materials, furnaces and electronics applications. The major strengths of Noritake Itron are their commitment to satisfy the demands of our customers with innovative, high quality and cost effective products and our strong repeatable performance. Noritake Itron business constantly adapts to meet the needs of an ever changing market. 70% of the products manufactured are specifically designed to meet customer requirements with minimum quantities typically 3000 VFD displays or 500 modules per year. 150+ standard products support simple character displays, LCD emulation, advanced graphic and message sign requirements. The Itron SMART TFT products now provide a unique option for customers to develop TFT solutions with 4 display sizes and the option for custom firmware and hardware.

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