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Optifuse’s are “Form, Fit, & Function” drop in replacements for Littlefuse and Bussman. All are invested with the same company that produces the highest quality products for the world. There are only a handful of companies in the world that produce this level of quality.

Prior to 2000, OptiFuse had designed and manufactured approximately 150 different products for Bussmann, Littelfuse and Ferraz-Shawmut under the name of Basic Power Engineering and Manufacturing.

In 2000, Bussmann and Littelfuse announced that they would begin utilizing a limited distribution strategy centered solely around global distribution partners and would eliminate their corps of 2,500 electronic and automotive distributors.

OptiFuse saw the opportunity to service these disenfranchised distributors by creating a catalog of fuse and fuse holder products. In addition to their own products, OptiFuse has created strategic alliances with other manufacturers of specialized over-current and over-voltage products.

Today OptiFuse is a manufacturer and marketer of over-current and over-voltage protective devices. OptiFuse manufactures and distributes a wide array of products that include:

  • Automotive and electronic fuses
  • Resettable PTC type fuses
  • Industrial fuses
  • Panel-mounted, Inline, and PCB mounted fuse holders
  • Fuse clips and blocks
  • Thermal circuit breakers for automotive and line voltage applications
  • Thermal temperature fuses
  • Varistors and gas-tube arrestors

Together, these products represent over 7,000 individual SKUs and are sold exclusively through OptiFuse distributors. All of OptiFuse products are RoHS compliant and/or lead-free. Many of the parts are listed or recognized by UL and/or other international safety organizations.


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