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P-Duke Power

P-Duke Technology is a manufacturer that offering single, dual and triple output DC/DC converter as standard products from 1 watt to 300 watt, and AC/DC power supply from 15 watt to 450 watt. They do OEM and also develop (ODM) for customized products based on customers’ need. It’s the goal of P-DUKE to best serve its international customers base with continuously innovation, consistent improvement in all aspects, quality products and cost reduction. P-DUKE Technology is qualified for ISO-9001 as well as ISO-13485, and also the majority of products are certified by CE, UL, VDE etc… with their strict inspection standard. P-DUKE provides customers with quality products that are reliable, delivered on-time and competitively priced.



P-Duke Power DU1P0-24S05
P-Duke Power FDC15-24S05-M2
P-Duke Power FED40-110S12W
P-Duke Power FKC05-24S05
P-Duke Power FKC08-110S05W
P-Duke Power FKC08-24S05W
P-Duke Power FKC12-24D05
P-Duke Power LCD15-24S05W

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