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Established in May 1986, PANJIT is a renowned public semiconductor manufacturer, recognized for its commitment to quality and innovation. Holding prestigious certifications such as IATF-16949, ESD S20.20, ISO-9001, ISO-14001, and ISO-45001, PANJIT is trusted for its reliability and excellence in the industry.

PANJIT boasts vertical integration, encompassing IDM design capabilities, proprietary wafer foundries, and cutting-edge production lines. Leveraging insightful observation and core technologies, PANJIT consistently introduces low-profile products and precision power rating devices tailored to meet customer demands.

Dedicated to delivering superior service, PANJIT maintains a global presence with sales offices spanning North America, Germany, Korea, and China. This expansive network ensures prompt and efficient service to customers worldwide. With PANJIT, customers can rely on a partner committed to innovation, quality, and unparalleled customer satisfaction in the semiconductor industry.


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