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Founded in 1986, PANJIT manufactures Zener diodes, surface mount rectifiers, glass passivated rectifier chips, glass passivated junction rectifiers, plastic passivated junction rectifiers, transient voltage suppressor, semiconductors, and related products. In recent years, PANJIT has expanded their product offering, launching the SiC Schottky devices in 2015. As of late, PANJIT is placing greater emphasis on quality; this has earned them environmental certifications and supplier quality awards. PANJIT also conforms to various Hazardous Substances (RoHS) standards.


Diode Rectifiers & Schottky Series


A diode is a simple semiconductor device which allows current flow in one direction but not the other. Different from regular diodes, rectifier diodes can handle a higher current flow and are used to change alternating current (AC) into direct current (DC). PANJIT offers multiple styles of rectifiers, from general purpose, to fast and super fast recovery rectifiers. In addition to rectifiers, PANJIT offer protection devices, such as electrostatic discharge (ESD) and transient voltage suppressors (TVS).


PANJIT's Schottky Rectifiers provide low forward voltage losses, which can improve power efficiency and low leakage current for more stability of the reliability. Other components in the Schottky series include small signal signal schottky, which is applied to signal controller or rectification products; power schottky, used in switching rectification application in power products; and super schottky, which provides a very low forward voltage to decrease the breakdown current.


A One-Stop Solutions Distributor


At IBS Electronics, we have over 30 years of experience in the electronic component business. We operate a global sourcing and warehouse network, with offices in Asia, Europe, and the Americas. Through our low market prices, ISO certification, and commitment to quality, we can ship PANJIT equipment to any part of the world. We’ll consolidate your shipments and even work on custom solutions for you. Contact us for your next project.



Panjit 1.5SMC27CA-AU_R1_000A1
Panjit 1.5SMCJ33CA_R2_00001
Panjit 1N4004_R2_10001
Panjit 1N4007_R2_10001
Panjit 1N4148-34_AY_10001

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