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Permacel / Nitto Denko – Passive Components

Permacel, a division of the Nitto Denko company, is an industrial adhesive tape manufacturing company. Headquartered in Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin, USA, the company produces 350 kinds of tape used in a broad range of industries, including paper masking tape, reinforced strapping tape, paper packaging tape, PTFE tape, film tape, double coated tape, transfer tape, repulpable tape, thread seal, foil tape, surface protective films and vinyl tape. Permacel manufactured and sold graphic art tapes until 2004 when that part of their business was sold to Shurtape Technologies.

Permacel was originally founded in 1927 as the industrial products division of the health care giant Johnson & Johnson to produce and market masking tape. Over the years Permacel has grown to be one of the world´s leading companies in tapes, with a large range of innovations to its credit. It is believed that the name PERMACEL was derived from ´Permanent Cellulose Tapes´. The ubiquitous CELLOTAPE, still used today, was originally made by PERMACEL. In addition, Permacel ‘Duct Tape’ was the only tape selected by ‘FORTUNE’ magazine in its ‘Products of the Century’ series (November 22, 1999, page 81). In 1988, Permacel was acquired by Nitto Denko.

Permacel branded products became Nitto Denko’s corporate brand, Nitto Tape. The Permacel P-numbered products retain that same product number under the Nitto Tape brand.

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